Tips for Choosing the Right Granite Countertop Colour

Granite is a gorgeous material that has proven time and time again why it is such a popular option for kitchen countertops. With its heat resistance, unique patterns, and ultimate durability, it’s obvious to see why so many homeowners prefer granite in their kitchens.


What may not be so obvious, however, is what colour that beautiful granite should be. We have put together some tips to help you choose the right colour for your granite countertops.

Gather All Materials

Even though you may be positive that you know the colours of your cabinets or the paint in your kitchen, nothing can be more challenging to remember once you begin comparing granite samples. Instead of trying to guess what wood stain your cabinets are or remembering the exact floor pattern, take some samples with you so you can easily compare them next to the counter colours.

If you cannot get samples of your cabinets and floor, make sure you take plenty of pictures in natural light to ensure they capture the correct colours. It is also important to consider the extra features of your kitchen, such as the appliances, furniture, and window treatments. All of these things can make a huge difference between choosing a lighter colour of granite versus a darker tone.

Visit a Showroom

While nothing is more convenient than browsing granite online and shopping from the comfort of your home, nothing can replace actually heading to the store and visiting a showroom. The natural patterns and colours that granite comes in can be difficult to photograph and often can only be seen with your own eyes. Due to the fact that granite is a natural stone that is found in quarries, no two pieces of granite will be exactly alike.


Once you have chosen your overall preferred colour, such as black, brown, blue, or cream, it is necessary to see different samples within that colour range as the flecks and veining can greatly change a look. Also consider that the samples you look at might not represent the entire slab of granite.

Consider the Lighting

Another thing to consider as you try to decide what colour is the right choice is the lighting in your kitchen. If you have a space that doesn’t have a lot of natural sunlight, it might be better to select a granite that is a light colour or has a lot of light-coloured specks as that can help to lighten up the room. Dark colours, like black or deep blue, look best with kitchens that are overflowing with natural light.

Get Samples

It’s not only necessary to bring samples of your current kitchen to the showroom, it is important to bring samples of your potential granite into your own kitchen. By being able to bring a few samples home with you, you can lay them out on your existing counters and envision how it will all tie together.


Samples will allow you to see how the granite colour looks with the natural lighting in your kitchen as well as how it blends with the surrounding elements in your home. This also lets you see how the granite will look at different times of day, depending on how much sunlight is available.

Make a Budget

As you browse through samples and showrooms, it is vital to remember that granite is one of the hardest, most durable stones available for kitchens and countertops. While you will naturally see a large variety of prices for granite, it is important to set a budget as this can influence the specific granite colours and slabs that you choose.

Rare colours and more unique patterns can push the price higher, as well as special treatments and sealants. By setting a cost limit beforehand, you can browse your favorite granite colours while still staying within your budget.

Choosing the right colour for your granite countertop is an important decision to make. There are many things to consider when choosing a colour, including your kitchen’s design, the lighting, and even your budget.

Even though it might seem time consuming, granite countertops are extremely durable and will be a piece of the kitchen that can virtually last forever. By following our tips, you are sure to find the right colour for your home and have gorgeous granite countertops to enjoy for a lifetime.