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Protect Granite Countertops

This is a simple guide to the common threats to your granite countertop – everyday mistakes we are all guilty of, and what the ordinary household products are which could lessen the durability of your sealer and mark your granite surfaces.

Quartz vs Marble for Your Home – A Comparison

While granite has long been a popular and in-demand choice for kitchen and bathroom counters, there are some new contenders on the block that are making homeowners think twice about this typical option. Quartz and marble are some materials that have quickly become some top choices for home remodels, renovations, or new builds.

Granite vs Quartz for Your Home – A Comparison

Granite has been a sought after material for countertops in homes for years. Whether it be a beautiful new-build, a much needed renovation, or a simple remodel, one of the first things many homeowners make note of is that they must have granite countertops in the kitchen.

How to Care for Your Quartz Surfaces

Although other stones have been popular choices for surfaces in the past, quartz is quickly becoming a leading option for kitchen countertops and other places where a hard and virtually indestructible surface is required. Quartz offers the natural stone look that so many people desire, while providing colors and hardness that only manufacturing can offer. […]

How to Care for Your Granite Surfaces

Granite is a beautiful substance that has long been the most popular choice for kitchen countertops. Whether you are a gourmet chef, a family with young children, or someone who is just looking for a high-quality material, granite surfaces, particularly C & G countertops, are hard to damage and are set to outlast the life […]

5 Top Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the place of cooking and laughter, long conversations and new recipes. As you will spend countless hours in your kitchen, it is important that it be comfortable and designed how you choose.