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How to clean and care for your quartz worktop?

Your quartz worktops are no doubt the pride of your kitchen. The countertop is one of the first things someone notices when they walk into a kitchen and the choice to pick quartz is sure to bring your room together in a beautiful way. You need to keep that countertop as good as the day it came in, so here are some tips to help you work out the best way to clean and care for your quartz worktop.


Quartz countertops are more stain and scratch resistant than some options you could pick but they are not completely invulnerable to damage. When it comes to cleaning, you only need simple products to help you bring up a shine. The absolute best thing you can use is warm soapy water and kitchen towel to bring up a shine afterwards. If you want to use other products, baby wipes are fantastic for a quick wipe down. If you would rather use a spray, opt for a Dettol natural cleansing spray, or Windolene. Remember to leave the Dettol spray for 5 minutes to activate its germ-killing properties and then wipe clean. For simple, everyday maintenance, we recommend that you prepare ingredients on chopping boards and use coasters or heat protectant pads for any hot dishes. Quartz is not the same as granite, and you need to protect it from heat.


When it comes to maintenance of your quartz countertops, you should not use any abrasive cleaning products on them. These can cause serious damage and stain the surface of your worktops. Stay away from products like bleach and anything which has a disinfectant like hydrogen peroxide or some similar chemical. The favourite cleaning products of many households are also not suitable for quartz worktops; including Cif, Cillit Bang, and Flash. Anyone who prefers a more natural route for cleaning their home should stay away from mixtures containing vinegar. Be careful when you are buying wipes too; stay away from citrus ones as they might be too abrasive for the surface. Stick to just plain baby wipes for the best results. For materials to wipe down your counters with, you should also stay away from abrasive materials like a scouring or scrubbing pad. The gentler you can be, the more success you are bound to have.

Gentle and Careful

With the right treatment, there is no reason why you cannot have the finest kitchen worktops in Ireland! So long as you always remember to place protectors underneath anything hot and use gentle cleaners to keep them clean, your quartz worktops should last a long time. If you ever run into trouble removing a particularly troublesome stain, don’t hesitate to give us here at C&G Granite a ring on 01 450 7757 for some advice. We are the experts when it comes to quartz countertops and we can tell you what needs to be done to get everything looking beautiful once more!

Silestone Kitchen Countertops

Silestone Kitchen Countertops

What is Silestone?

Silestone is a man-made material which consists of up to 94% natural quartz as well as binding resins and other raw materials. It has become more popular in the last few years due to its durability, and it requires less maintenance than natural stone. C & G Granite supply a wide variety of Silestone Kitchen Countertops.

Advantages of Silestone Kitchen Countertops

  1. Silestone is not a naturally porous surface which means it is highly stain resistant. It doesn’t absorb dark liquids like red wine.
  2. Silestone being a man-made product, it is highly tough and durable. Its virtually impossible to break or crack, whereas natural un-maintained stone may weaken or crack with pressure over time.
  3. Due this durability, it is much more resistant to acidic liquids like vinegar and citrus juices.
  4. There are no colour variations or flaws in the stone as may occur with natural stone
  5. Silestone is extremely low maintenance and won’t need to be re-sealed regularly. We recommend sealing your granite countertops every 10 years.
  6. Unsealed or badly maintained natural stone surfaces have a chance of bacteria building up in porous areas invisible to naked eye like granite.
  7. C & G Granite’s Silestone products are available in 39 colours, which means it can be nicely blended with your existing or combined with your new kitchen décor

Are there any Disadvantages to Silestone?

  1. Silestone is man-made so it doesn’t contain the irregular patterns and whorls which make granite unique. Some buyers wont settle for anything less than the “Natural Look”.
  2. Even though its tougher and more durable, its not fool-proof. You should still take care to not put hot pots and pans on the surface, and don’t clean your surfaces regularly with certain products.
  3. Silestone is extremely tough so correspondingly its not easily repaired like granite. However its so tough that it should survive most natural disasters!

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Protect Granite Countertops

Protect Granite Countertops

Don’t Ruin your Granite Countertop Sealer

Sealing granite is done to slow down absorption, so you have much more time to clean up any spills. All stone products from C & G Granite come pre-sealed and treated to protect granite countertops, so with the correct care the Sealant should last at least 10 years. If you think your countertop needs to be re-sealed, you can contact us for a quote.

How to tell if your countertop needs to be re-sealed

Common Granite Sealer Threats

Generic or Household Cleaning Products:

It’s tempting to reach under the sink and grab the closest bottle of cleaning spray, but you may be damaging your granite sealer without realising it. Always check the product label, many household cleaners will state clearly on the packaging if the product is suitable for use on granite or natural stone.

Avoid using the following to clean your granite countertop:
  • Any products containing vinegar, ammonia or bleach
  • Bath, tile & grout cleaners
  • Orange/Lemon, citrus or glass cleaners
  • Hydrogen peroxide or disinfectants

There are many DIY tips available for granite care. Soap is a common recommendation, but not all soaps are 100% safe for stone. See our guide to maintaining your granite surfaces.


Leaving containers directly on the Granite surface

We are all guilty of plonking whatever armful load we are carrying down on the first available surface, but did you know that some innocent-looking containers could damage your granite counter? Bottles, packages, bags, jars which are unsealed, compromised or used, may have their internal products stuck to the exterior packaging. They could even leak on to your countertop without anyone realising.

These ordinary household items could threaten your Granite:



Acetone (nail varnish remover)

Oil based products – grease, tar, cooking oil, make-up, paint

Metal – iron or rust nails

Organic material may react with the natural stone – flower pots containing soil, mould or mildew

Use Chopping boards and coasters

Minimise damage to your sealed granite by using chopping boards to prevent natural fruit and vegetable juice damaging your granite. Use coasters to lessen the risk hot cups of coffee and other dark drinks leaving stains.

Don’t leave hot pots and pans on the surface too long

We know you can take a hot pot off the stove and put it right on granite countertops without any problems, but there is a rare risk of “thermal shock” and crack. Try to use a trivet, mat or wire rack in the high traffic areas of your kitchen.

Also, any dirt or grit trapped between your counter tops and your hot pot may leave small surface scratches

Wipe spills immediately

Certainly the point of sealing granite is so that it won’t stain easily, but over time if your sealer has degraded stains may seep through. This is especially true of dark coloured food and liquid such as beetroot, ketchup and red wine. Lighter coloured granite will show up stains more easily.

If water is left to sit on an effectively sealed surface for 15-20 minutes or more (depending on the age and quality of sealer, and the porosity of the stone) then it may still absorb.

Don’t stand or sit on your Counters

Never forget that granite is natural stone, it can crack and can only support so much weight. Standing or sitting on your granite countertops adds extra pressure to your wooden cabinets.


Do you have a Stain or an Etch on your Granite Countertop?

Stain: A dark spot where a substance has absorbed into the pores of the stone.

Etch: A light and dull spot where an acidic substance has corroded or chemically burned the marble.

Etch marks can be repaired using a special polishing product. Stains can be removed by using a poultice. We do not recommend that you attempt a home repair. Please consult one of our experts! You can contact us here


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